Friday, 23 November 2012

Updated my bigcartel with everything i actually have instock as of now, everything is in super low quanities. Im trying to cut down on my distro so everything will come with something free! Help me out pleaseeeeeeeeee :D

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lord Fist Update, New Releases and New Stock.

Ok firstly, and most importantly, the Lord Fist orders, im just waiting on the patches! These have now been made, there was a slight delay due to the person i ordered them through was organising a big festival, and the timing of when he recieved the patches to the time he needed to leave the country for his festival was just unfortunate. I will hopefully have them by the end of the month, everything else is packed and ready to go out asap! Sorry about any inconvienace, like i say it was just unfortunate timing!

New Releases!

Shitnoise Bastards(MAL)/Captain 3 Leg(US) - One newish raw noisecore band vs legendary US noise/surf rock/grind etc etc band. CS ltd 200! Should be fucking total shit, cant wait! 

Sordo stuff, cant remember what im helping with, but something will be out at some point and no doubt sick powerviolence from Mr. DIY NOISE.

Sept Star Sete(JAP) - 3 x 3.5inch Floppy. hahah no idea why, down to my main bro Eddy asking. I hope these come with a download code or something haha.

Rat Faced Bastard(UK) - UK Grindcore, tape version of the cd ep. Good stuff innit!

Releases Later!

The Day Man Lost(UK)/Prolefeed(UK) - a split 7" which will probably wipe the floor with most fast/grind/dbeat/crust/mince releases in '13, lets hope it doesnt get totally over looked, eh?

Hellkrusher(UK)/Unholy Grave(UK) - 7". NO WORDS NEEDED.

Iron Fist(USA) - We Are Motorpunks LP! METAL PUNKS!!!!!

Probably somemore to, who knows.

Distro Updates?

erm, i got the Sufferinfuck/Mangle split 7's in, which is an absolute fucking mind destroyer. I cant be bothered to put them up on big cartel at the minute. If you want one drop me an email at tombsinthevalley AT gmail DOT com!

Also just did a big wholesale for some CDs, only got a few copies of each in, email me at the above address is you want anything, be quick though!

Axxion - Axxion EP
Debut Ep from the newest Canadian Heavy Metallers! Expect nothing but NWOBHM influenced METAL HEAVY! URGH! Ft. Ex. Members of Skull Fist, Mortiferous, Midnight Malice and more!
Black Hole - Land Of Mystery
Legendary Italian Doom/Heavy Metal, killer reissue inclusive of 4 demo tracks from '86.
Eldritch Rite - Demo + 3
Cult US Heavy Metal, laying the landmark for what ended up becoming US Power Metal as we know it. Absolutely killer material!
Energy Vampires - S/T
Completely dreadful name, but these guys were formed outta the ashes of cult USA Metal band SLAUTER XSTROYES. Make sure you ignore the name though, as this is a prime piece of late 80's US HEAVY METAL!
Enforcer - Classic Chicago Metal
This is the 1984 Demo of the rather brilliant US Metal Band, includes 7 previously unreleased tracks for your 'banging pleasure! CD/DVD.
Immaculate - Atheist Crusade
Insane Swedish speed metal, with completely over the top high-pitched vocals. FFO of Agent Steel, Toxik, Steel Prophet.
Iron Man - Black Night
 One of the best US Classic Heavy Metal bands. If you like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Witchfinder General etc you NEED THIS! Re-mastered for extra METAL HEAVYNESS!
Iron Man - I Have Returned
Last Decendents - One Nation Under God
Cult Power/Thrash from the Bay Area, this is a reissue/remaster including 4 bonus tracks, World War III Demo from '86. Mekong Delta, Artillery, Toxik fans take note!
Midnight Priest - S/T
Classic Heavy Metal from Portugal, one of the best bands from that area!
Midnight Priest - Rainha Da Magia Negra
Metal, which is Heavy, from Portugal. Massive harmony fest!
Milita - Fiend of Misery
80's Progressive Thrash, a massive smashfest of Early Metallica and Early Fates Warning, with probably one of the best vocalists going, be prepared for balls to the walls screaming!wwwwwwwoooooooooAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!
Morbid Sin - Sins of Flesh
Classic USA Power Metal, Ft. Bobby Lucas from Overlorde and Seven Witches on Vocals. Originally recorded in '98 but only recently released!
Old Yron - S/T
Obscure Italian Heavy Metal played with ultimate speed! This needs to be heard! BUY IT OR DIE!
Revelation - Release
Crushing Maryland Doom Metal.
Ritual - Widow
Formed in the early '70s, Ritual didnt release this, the bands debut album, until 1983. A raging raw classic piece of early 70's heavy rock and early 80s NWOBHM. If you find yourself swinging in your room to bands like Angel Witch, Quartz, Diamond Head and Holocaust, you NEED THIS!
Rocka Rollas - The War of Steel Has Begun.
Teutonic old school speed/power metal. If you 'bang to bands like Scanner, Mania, early Helloween, Running Wild etc, you need this!
Sinister Realm - S/T
Debut album from Ex. Pale Divine man, John Gaffney. Outstanding Heavy/Doom Metal, its time to 'bang ya balls off!
Sinister Realm - The Crystal Eye
2nd album filled with heavy riffs and memorable melodies, as simple as that! FFO Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Dio Etc
Steel Horse - Wild Power
Traditional Heavy Metal from Spain, paying homage to the originators of the NWOBHM scene. Tygers of Pan Tang, Tokyo Blade, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon Etc. 
The Hand of Doom - Posionoise
Mad Germany Proto Metal/Punk/NWOBHM(influenced) from 1979. Absolutley crazy release, smashing down boundaries, FFO Discharge, Sarcofago, Motorhead, Early Priest, Accept, The Stooges etc.
Xinr - Beyond Woodward
For some crazy reason this has only just been released, but it was recorded back in '84. Excellent Classic Metal sound, with a heavy dose of NWOBHM influence chucked in for good measure. FFO Cirith Ungol, Hell, Mercyful Fate etc

Until 3 months time, when i bother to update this thing noone reads. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Lord Fist - Spark For The Night Demo OUT SOON!

Out Soon. Reissue of the quickly sold out demo cdr.

All the demo is up on youtube to check out, here is one of the tracks

shop link:
Half the press already gone, so get in fast!

Saturday, 22 September 2012


A week or so ago i noticed a link pop up on my facebook newsfeed thanks to the fantastic new metal magazine Iron Fist, check it out and pick up a copy!, the link was for the Lord Fist demo tracks! These guys play awesome traditional heavy metal, but with a very Nordic(maybe even Scandanavia depending on your geographical opinons, blleeeurrggghhh) feel, anyways im utter rubbish with write ups and what not. So check them out here:

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Another massive timelapse since my previous update, ah well no one really cares that much do you? The Unholy Grave - Witching Newcastle 7" should be with me start of next week, ltd 250, im only trading on these for other Unholy Grave releases i dont have. No point in keep trading as i dont make enough sales to keep up a big list no one wants, haha. Ill accept wholesale too, just send me an email too: tombsinthevalley AT gmail DOT com.


Human Junk(UK)/God's America(USA) - GOD'S JUNK Split 7". Ltd 500, 100 Green Vinyl, 400 Black Vinyl and a bunch of Test Presses.
Both bands first slab of vinyl, Human Junk play total Hellnation worship, even Doug and Al Hellnation have approved of how much it sounds like Hellnation and how good it is! God's America used to be called Seeds of Rape, insanely heavy powerviolence out of Las Vegas, members of Cogs and Sprockets. £3.50 plus postage, ive nearly sold out of my copies, send over an email for wholesale/trades! Cheers. You can actually hear the whole thing streaming here.



Lifedecevier(POR) - The Split Tracks. Heavy Hardcore ala Integrity. Sold out from the label. Ltd 100 £3.

Local Trap(POR)/Knive's Out(POR) - Split Tape. LT play killer Hardcore punk in the vien of Black Flag, Negative Approach/KO play awesome fast hardcore! £3.

SMG(MAL)/Moon Ra(??) - Split Tape. "One track by SMG running for 11+ minutes, unreleased slow doom material, good DIY sound recording too. Moon Ra is Sun Ra-worship project went wrong. 15 minutes of original, harsh and cryptic transgalactic sounds of death." Ltd 130 copies. £3.50

Pizza Hi Five(USA) - Live at the Funeral Home. Brutal Grindcore from Ohio! YEEEEAA! £3.50


SixBrewBantha(CAN) - S/T. One of the best grindcore bands around at the minute. Ltd 50 Last Copy. Split release between Tombs in the Valley Productions and DIY NOISE. £2.50


Syvlester Staline(FRA) - $$ gonna sell drugs.... - Debut album by these over the top French fastcore pimps! Its a must! £5

Eibon(FRA)/Hangman's Chair(FRA) - Split - Heavy beasting from both bands! £5

Cave In(USA) - Tide of Tomorrow - That band who signed to that major label then left, this was before that and its a pretty good ep! £5

Joe Pesci(UK) - At our Expense - UK Hyperfast. £5.

Eliminator(UK) - We Rule the Night - Debut Ep from this UK Heavy Metal band, FFO Heavy Load, Gotham City, Thin Lizzy, Maiden Etc. £5

The Break In(UK) - Demo - Terrible XXX Hardcore. £1.

Small Doses - Compilation - Insane noise/grind/punk/hardcore etc with a really nice diecut package. £6.66

Collision(NL) - Roadkiller - 2nd album from Dutch Grindcore/Thrash bastards! £5

Terminal Sound System(??) - RH-85B - Some soundscapey thing, no clue. Promo copy. £2

Entrails Massacre(GER) - Crucial Strikes... - Sick German Powerviolence/Grindcore! Total punishment! £5

The Abandoned Hearts Club(USA) - The Initial Confessions... - Some tech metal/mathcore from ages ago, its actually good, before all this shit which has come out in the past few years. £3

SMG(MAL) - HOTRS Sessions - Malaysian Raw Grind Freaks, this is a brutal cd, with a rather funny inlay done by Randy SMG. Ltd 150. £7.

Looking for an Answer(SPA) - buscando una respuesta - One of the best grindcore bands around these days, just unrelenting and well written grindcore! £7


The Rites(USA) - Pissing on your Grave - One of the best and most insane hardcore bands i ever saw, ex tear it up just playing it fast! 1st press ltd 178 sold only on The Rites European Tour, unplayed. £7

Cease to Exist(UK) - Heptaparaparshinokh - Blackend Blackcore from London. £3

Back Then(GER) - Zeitverschwendung - Now defunct German Hardcore, nice release from Black Trash Records. Ltd 300. £3.50


CSMD(NL)/SSS(JP) - Split - NOISE VS NOISEGRIND!!!!!! £3.50

Message me if you want anything, everything is in small qualities!!!

Wholesale trades available one:

4 way split LP - Lycanthrophy(CZ)/From The Ashes(SWE)/After the Last Sky(UK)/Joe Pesc(UK)

Skulls and Flames(NL) 10" - Crossover thrash

Joe Pesci(UK)/Onanizer(CZ) - Split Cd

Filthpact(SCO)/Atomgevitter(SCO/GER) - Split Cd

Thats it for now, still FUCK OFF TO JERKOFF RECORDS!

Listen to Malpractice Insurance!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Whats up people? Been a while since i updated this thing, total lazyness on my behalf. So will try and fill everyone in on what is going on with Tombs in the Valley, if you lot actually care.

First up.


Manic Scum - Better Left Undead EP CS. ltd 100, 25 Red - 75 Black Pro Dubbed. Debut release from these old school Repulsion grinders from Kingspot, TN. This was at the plant forever, but it came out finally and looks and sounds fantastic. Most of these have gone now, the band have a handful left, i have 1 maybe 2 spares. Drop them a line at and enquire about picking one up!!!! A few distros have them also, HALO OF FLIES (USA), GIVE PRAISE RECORDS (USA), BLACK TRASH RECORDS (AUS), FASTDIE RECORDS (MAL) I cant help but think ive forgotten someone here, but anyways, its out there drop anyone of us a line and sure we can help you out. Check the ep out here:

Unholy Grave / Corrupt Humanity - No Remose/D.I.Y or Die - Split 7"  Ltd 250 Black Vinyl. This one is a massive co-release between some new and older labels, including a good bro over at DIY NOISE, whats up Eddy? Unholy Grave, the legends of the raw diy grindcore underground smash their side of the wax with another outing of rehearsal barrage. URGH! Backed up by a lonely one man band in the far northern depths of Scotland, raw unadultered diy grindcore. Nicely printed sleeve, with the obligatory UG political cover, while a killer drawing for the CH side. Been a pleasure dealing with Dave from Scarifical Tapes AKA Corrupt Humanity, a true diy warrior and enthusiast, DO NOT SHOW HIM CD FOR FEAR OF DEATH. I still have a handful of these left. £5 including P&P in the UK. £7 ROW. Email me tombsinthevalley AT gmail DOT com.

Unholy Grave / Hatred Division - Split 7" Ltd 300, 100 Blue Vinyl, 200 Black Vinyl. Also a Ltd Edition Cover Test Press Version /30. This seemed to take FOREVER to come out, also it was lucky my postman wasnt a complete dick, as the parcel arrived to me WITHOUT my street address on, Newcastle is one of the biggest cities in the UK, so thanks postie! Another big co-release and Hatred Divisions first time on wax! ultra raw grindcore with a strong diy spirit, for the fans by the fans, as it should be! I still have a few blue copies left, mail me before paying incase i have ran out though, i mean we all know vinyl colour makes your collection so much better and the vinyl plays even more raw! £5 including P&P in the UK. £7 ROW. Email me tombsinthevalley AT gmail DOT com. Listen here:

Get both Unholy Grave 7"s for £9 including P&P or £12 ROW.

Diseksa / Gripe - Split CS Ltd 200. Asian Press, with different artwork to the USA press. This feature Hazree from Hatred Division and Fastdie Records, oh and now SHITNOISEBASTARDS on drums with Diseksa. More crazy raw grindcore, with Hazree's insane snare blasts, super fast powered by only kilos of rice! Gripe are here with some brutal USA Powerviolence/Grindcore, both bands cover each others tracks too. Nice little release, pick one up from Fastdie, at some point i will have them instock, but im sure no one will buy them. :)  Have a listen here:

I even did the art for 1 and the layout for 2 of the above release, no idea why, i suck! haha.

So thats the newest releases out of the way, the Human Junk/Gods America split 7" will be out very very soon!

I have some new distro items also, dont have the list to hand, but here is what i can remember:

Unholy Grave/Na'Kay - Split 5"
Genetic Death - Underground is Dead 7" - Amazing noisecore from Dopi of Machetazo
I Resign - 7"
Republicorpse/Dead Radical - Split 7"

and a few others i cant remember, i know im useless! haha.

I have also got involved with Eddy, DIY NOISE, to help put out some releases, Noise in the Valley. First one is the amazing s/t album by Sixbrewbantha on CS ltd to 50 copies. You can actually hear the whole thing here: its just super awesome grindcore. Check them out and support, they had some bad luck on their current USA tour but are back and raging hard on the accounts ive read so far! Up next with be Agathocles / Maximum Thrash Split CS. Keep checking back on my facebook/here(HA) or DIY NOISE for info!

And it looks like with the help from Alex Manic Scum, Tombs in the Valley Productions is heading stateside, which is going to be interesting to say the least! Watch this space for it more information!

Just recieved the new tracks from OWL and they absolutely slay hard!!!! Cant wait to get a physical copy of the new tracks. I still dont have the money to get my 7"s from America of their first Ep, please hit me up if you wana wholesale some copies to help me out, or hit up the band to buy a copy from them!!!!

Once the last of my Unholy Grave 7"s have gone i will announce my next few releases, so please pick them up so i can focus on the next releases, got loads planned!

Ive also just completed an interview for the first issue of BIG EYES Zine, check it out, Katie has put a lot of effort into it and has been getting some great contributions for it! UP THE PAPER 'ZINE!

Cheers for the support everyone and check out this before you go:


Monday, 16 April 2012

Some distro items i forgot last time!

Maximum Thrash/Lt. Dan Split 7".  Asian Thrash/USA Mince. £3.50

Totes Brutes 7". Short, Fast and Loud! Ltd 300. £3.50

Exogorth/Nekro Drunkz - Split CS. Ltd 100. GRINDCORE/FastFast! £2.50


Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Distro Items

Got a bunch of killer records/tapes in the post for the distro!

Soil of Ignorance/Wadge - Split 7". The rad dude over at Give Praise Records is streaming the full thing here. SOI play some intense brutal grindcore, backed up by the somewhat "legendary" Wadge with some drum machine grindcore! £3.50

Chainsaw to the Face/Backslider - Split 7". Streaming on youtube here. GRINDCORE/FASTCORE! Amazing! £3.50

Bloody Phoenix/Question - Split 7". BP will destroy your speakers with hyperfast grindcore aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ex. Excruciating Terror! First time hearing Question, kinda cool fastcore punk! GO! £3.50

Archagathus/Onanizer - Split 7". Canadian mincecore vs Raging CZ Grindcore!!!! £3.50

Revengeance - Demo CS - ltd 100. FAST FAST FAST FAST!!!!!! £3

Revengeance/Tinnitus - Split CS. FAST backed by Grindnoise! £3

Vai Te Foder - Full Length Cd - ltd 200. Havent had a chance to listen to this yet, but according to the all knowing facebook they are "Crust-Hardcore(80s).Metal". £5

While purchasing some nice records from us, bang your tits off to this:

Sunday, 8 April 2012



Been in the making for a while, but its finally out!
First piece of wax for both bands, and its a total rager. Listen to it here:
This is:

Split label release between:
Shy Bairns 
Tombs In The Valley Productions

ltd 250 copies. £4.50 including postage in the UK, £6 everywhere else.
Paypal as a gift to: grimification1 AT btinternet DOT com
If you dont want to pay as a gift, please add on the paypal percentage please!


Ok, so some of you may know this was released quite a while ago, 4 years or something like that? But as all of us in USI are completely useless and lazy, we never actually screenprinted enough covers for the pressing. These have been lying in my cupboard for ages, so i decided to try and get some artwork done, so i can finally get rid of them. Luckily SJ of Squarah and Tide of Iron fame, stepped in to help out. She did some amazing art/printing for us. These are ltd to 50 copies. Here is a couple of, bad(sorry)pics:

So the press is something like:
50 of these covers
some covers with a horses head on it
some one with just blank covers
some with random record sleeves
some without any sleeves
total press of 200!
This is £5.50 including postage UK. £7 everywhere else.
Also you can get the Grace/Tide of Iron split together with this for £9 including postage UK. £11 everywhere else.
paypal grimification1 AT btinternet DOT com as a gift, or add the extra paypal fees on please if you dont want to pay as a gift! cheers


And finally listen to this new track from Sordo(USA)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Unholy Grave/Hatred Division 7". With some other rubbish...

Ok, so the UG/HD is currently at the pressing plant, this is coming on some ltd colour vinyl aswell as black. I have no idea what colour the vinyl is actually gonna be/how many of the press is colour and how many/if i will get any. This is a split label release between:

1. Douchebag Records
2. Grindfather Productions 
3. DxAxSx
4. Fastdie Records
5. Extreme Production
6. Riotous Outburst Records

The split is currently streaming here.

I've also uploaded some more of our releases to the bandcamp, so have a listen when you get time!

Going to be doing a few side label releases with DIY NOISE, ill be going under the name NOISE IN THE VALLEY PRODUCTIONS for this, gonna be some super ltd tape releases ranging from Harsh Noise to Garage Rock. Keep an eye on here or our facebook page.

The Grace/Tide of Iron 7" is back from the the plant, just working on the artwork, should be out pretty soon!

Couple of new distro items:

Not on Tour - Pressing of 100. White tape shell. includes lyric sheet and 7″x 4″ patch.
Female fronted punk rock from Israel £3

Enabler / Drainland 7" - Ltd 500 Black Vinyl. "Enabler throws two calculated blasts of metallic hardcore onto one side while Drainland lays down a vile bile soaked dirge onto the other." £4

PLF / Downtrodden 7" - Ltd 500 Black Vinyl. P.L.F. 2 new unreleased tracks + 2 Agathocles covers. Downtrodden. Serbia raging old school drum machine grindcore. £4

Think thats it for now.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Grace/Tide of Iron - Split 7" Coming Soon!

Ok, so just checking out Grace's facebook and noticed that the 7" masters have been sent off, for their split with Tide of Iron,which we are helping out with. This will be a 3 way split between us, Superfi and Shy Bairns(Rob from TOI own label). 2 Newcastle based bands of the loud kinda ilk. Check out a Grace track here and Tide of Iron here.

Ill post the artwork whenever i get it, probably when the record is released. Haha.

Enth - S/T 12" is now completely SOLD OUT from me!

New Distro stuff: £3 each

Birth Ritual - Witching Metal Demo Tape, plus 3 bonus tracks.


Satan's Satyrs - Demo Tape.

Terlarang / Over the Top Split 7" (white and black vinyl).

Back Then - who cares about back then Tape, handmade case ltd 16.

message me at; tombsinthevalleyATgmailDOTcom if you want anything.

Monday, 20 February 2012


So about a month ago i was talking to my dodgy moustache sporting longhair Joel Costa, who apart from grinding around Porto, also runs a DIY Label(Check it! Degradagem).We got to talking about fast bands and was their any newer bands worth listening to around where he is from. Instantly he says, "oh im working with this band, they are really cool, give me a minute". In Joel's world a minute trancends into a time warp in which he likes to stroke his, rather pathetic, attempt at a beard while listening to Goregrind. He kept me waiting there a bit, while the beard stroking commenced, then a couple of tracks by a band called Revengeance filled up my email inbox. With nothing better to do i hit play, and my jaw hit the floor! Probably one of the best female/male fronted fast hardcore bands ive heard recently, if ever. Im guessing people are no doubt getting sick of bands labelled as "fastcore", when infact they arent fast whatsoever, i know i am, haha. But these definitely fall into the fast hardcore genre if you need to describe these lot to someone, blasts, slower bits and short songs to boot! The thing which grabbed me about these lot is the female vocals, Ines i think her name is, well the other vocalist is labeled as "Fat Bastard" and she doesnt look fat. Hahaha. She has a really cool voice, no screaming, just really clean and "nice", how stupid does that sound? im god awful at decribing stuff like this, so just listen to her. Her pronouciation of the lyrics are really funny, not in a patronising way, just fits so well in what they do! Backed by the bloke, im guessing Fat Bastard?, doing a mix of "ham sandwich"(Stolen from Drew, if you ever read this!)/gruff/shouting vocals. No doubt the music will remind people of this or that band, but so what, the combination of there parts make these a really exciting band to check out and watch to see how they progress.

Revengeance's Demo " "John Q. Citizen" CS and split CS with Joel's band, Tinnitus - Brutal Flutecoregrind!, will be out soon through his label Degradagem, make sure you add them or at least keep and eye out for the releases.  Revengeance have started putting up promo tracks, which can be found on there Revengeance, or there Soundcloud. The 2 tracks i have arent up on the site yet, but id go out on a limb and say the 2 tracks ive got, Nihilistic Circus Parade and Sweatsuit Hardcore, are better than the tracks already uploaded! "FUCK WHERE YOUR FROM, NO ONE CARES!"

Revengeance - Demo - "John Q. Citizen" Artwork!

Revengeance / Tinnitus - Split Artwork!