Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Unholy Grave/Hatred Division 7". With some other rubbish...

Ok, so the UG/HD is currently at the pressing plant, this is coming on some ltd colour vinyl aswell as black. I have no idea what colour the vinyl is actually gonna be/how many of the press is colour and how many/if i will get any. This is a split label release between:

1. Douchebag Records
2. Grindfather Productions 
3. DxAxSx
4. Fastdie Records
5. Extreme Production
6. Riotous Outburst Records

The split is currently streaming here.

I've also uploaded some more of our releases to the bandcamp, so have a listen when you get time!

Going to be doing a few side label releases with DIY NOISE, ill be going under the name NOISE IN THE VALLEY PRODUCTIONS for this, gonna be some super ltd tape releases ranging from Harsh Noise to Garage Rock. Keep an eye on here or our facebook page.

The Grace/Tide of Iron 7" is back from the the plant, just working on the artwork, should be out pretty soon!

Couple of new distro items:

Not on Tour - Pressing of 100. White tape shell. includes lyric sheet and 7″x 4″ patch.
Female fronted punk rock from Israel £3

Enabler / Drainland 7" - Ltd 500 Black Vinyl. "Enabler throws two calculated blasts of metallic hardcore onto one side while Drainland lays down a vile bile soaked dirge onto the other." £4

PLF / Downtrodden 7" - Ltd 500 Black Vinyl. P.L.F. 2 new unreleased tracks + 2 Agathocles covers. Downtrodden. Serbia raging old school drum machine grindcore. £4

Think thats it for now.

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