Thursday, 21 June 2012

Whats up people? Been a while since i updated this thing, total lazyness on my behalf. So will try and fill everyone in on what is going on with Tombs in the Valley, if you lot actually care.

First up.


Manic Scum - Better Left Undead EP CS. ltd 100, 25 Red - 75 Black Pro Dubbed. Debut release from these old school Repulsion grinders from Kingspot, TN. This was at the plant forever, but it came out finally and looks and sounds fantastic. Most of these have gone now, the band have a handful left, i have 1 maybe 2 spares. Drop them a line at and enquire about picking one up!!!! A few distros have them also, HALO OF FLIES (USA), GIVE PRAISE RECORDS (USA), BLACK TRASH RECORDS (AUS), FASTDIE RECORDS (MAL) I cant help but think ive forgotten someone here, but anyways, its out there drop anyone of us a line and sure we can help you out. Check the ep out here:

Unholy Grave / Corrupt Humanity - No Remose/D.I.Y or Die - Split 7"  Ltd 250 Black Vinyl. This one is a massive co-release between some new and older labels, including a good bro over at DIY NOISE, whats up Eddy? Unholy Grave, the legends of the raw diy grindcore underground smash their side of the wax with another outing of rehearsal barrage. URGH! Backed up by a lonely one man band in the far northern depths of Scotland, raw unadultered diy grindcore. Nicely printed sleeve, with the obligatory UG political cover, while a killer drawing for the CH side. Been a pleasure dealing with Dave from Scarifical Tapes AKA Corrupt Humanity, a true diy warrior and enthusiast, DO NOT SHOW HIM CD FOR FEAR OF DEATH. I still have a handful of these left. £5 including P&P in the UK. £7 ROW. Email me tombsinthevalley AT gmail DOT com.

Unholy Grave / Hatred Division - Split 7" Ltd 300, 100 Blue Vinyl, 200 Black Vinyl. Also a Ltd Edition Cover Test Press Version /30. This seemed to take FOREVER to come out, also it was lucky my postman wasnt a complete dick, as the parcel arrived to me WITHOUT my street address on, Newcastle is one of the biggest cities in the UK, so thanks postie! Another big co-release and Hatred Divisions first time on wax! ultra raw grindcore with a strong diy spirit, for the fans by the fans, as it should be! I still have a few blue copies left, mail me before paying incase i have ran out though, i mean we all know vinyl colour makes your collection so much better and the vinyl plays even more raw! £5 including P&P in the UK. £7 ROW. Email me tombsinthevalley AT gmail DOT com. Listen here:

Get both Unholy Grave 7"s for £9 including P&P or £12 ROW.

Diseksa / Gripe - Split CS Ltd 200. Asian Press, with different artwork to the USA press. This feature Hazree from Hatred Division and Fastdie Records, oh and now SHITNOISEBASTARDS on drums with Diseksa. More crazy raw grindcore, with Hazree's insane snare blasts, super fast powered by only kilos of rice! Gripe are here with some brutal USA Powerviolence/Grindcore, both bands cover each others tracks too. Nice little release, pick one up from Fastdie, at some point i will have them instock, but im sure no one will buy them. :)  Have a listen here:

I even did the art for 1 and the layout for 2 of the above release, no idea why, i suck! haha.

So thats the newest releases out of the way, the Human Junk/Gods America split 7" will be out very very soon!

I have some new distro items also, dont have the list to hand, but here is what i can remember:

Unholy Grave/Na'Kay - Split 5"
Genetic Death - Underground is Dead 7" - Amazing noisecore from Dopi of Machetazo
I Resign - 7"
Republicorpse/Dead Radical - Split 7"

and a few others i cant remember, i know im useless! haha.

I have also got involved with Eddy, DIY NOISE, to help put out some releases, Noise in the Valley. First one is the amazing s/t album by Sixbrewbantha on CS ltd to 50 copies. You can actually hear the whole thing here: its just super awesome grindcore. Check them out and support, they had some bad luck on their current USA tour but are back and raging hard on the accounts ive read so far! Up next with be Agathocles / Maximum Thrash Split CS. Keep checking back on my facebook/here(HA) or DIY NOISE for info!

And it looks like with the help from Alex Manic Scum, Tombs in the Valley Productions is heading stateside, which is going to be interesting to say the least! Watch this space for it more information!

Just recieved the new tracks from OWL and they absolutely slay hard!!!! Cant wait to get a physical copy of the new tracks. I still dont have the money to get my 7"s from America of their first Ep, please hit me up if you wana wholesale some copies to help me out, or hit up the band to buy a copy from them!!!!

Once the last of my Unholy Grave 7"s have gone i will announce my next few releases, so please pick them up so i can focus on the next releases, got loads planned!

Ive also just completed an interview for the first issue of BIG EYES Zine, check it out, Katie has put a lot of effort into it and has been getting some great contributions for it! UP THE PAPER 'ZINE!

Cheers for the support everyone and check out this before you go:


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