Friday, 23 November 2012

Updated my bigcartel with everything i actually have instock as of now, everything is in super low quanities. Im trying to cut down on my distro so everything will come with something free! Help me out pleaseeeeeeeeee :D

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Lord Fist Update, New Releases and New Stock.

Ok firstly, and most importantly, the Lord Fist orders, im just waiting on the patches! These have now been made, there was a slight delay due to the person i ordered them through was organising a big festival, and the timing of when he recieved the patches to the time he needed to leave the country for his festival was just unfortunate. I will hopefully have them by the end of the month, everything else is packed and ready to go out asap! Sorry about any inconvienace, like i say it was just unfortunate timing!

New Releases!

Shitnoise Bastards(MAL)/Captain 3 Leg(US) - One newish raw noisecore band vs legendary US noise/surf rock/grind etc etc band. CS ltd 200! Should be fucking total shit, cant wait! 

Sordo stuff, cant remember what im helping with, but something will be out at some point and no doubt sick powerviolence from Mr. DIY NOISE.

Sept Star Sete(JAP) - 3 x 3.5inch Floppy. hahah no idea why, down to my main bro Eddy asking. I hope these come with a download code or something haha.

Rat Faced Bastard(UK) - UK Grindcore, tape version of the cd ep. Good stuff innit!

Releases Later!

The Day Man Lost(UK)/Prolefeed(UK) - a split 7" which will probably wipe the floor with most fast/grind/dbeat/crust/mince releases in '13, lets hope it doesnt get totally over looked, eh?

Hellkrusher(UK)/Unholy Grave(UK) - 7". NO WORDS NEEDED.

Iron Fist(USA) - We Are Motorpunks LP! METAL PUNKS!!!!!

Probably somemore to, who knows.

Distro Updates?

erm, i got the Sufferinfuck/Mangle split 7's in, which is an absolute fucking mind destroyer. I cant be bothered to put them up on big cartel at the minute. If you want one drop me an email at tombsinthevalley AT gmail DOT com!

Also just did a big wholesale for some CDs, only got a few copies of each in, email me at the above address is you want anything, be quick though!

Axxion - Axxion EP
Debut Ep from the newest Canadian Heavy Metallers! Expect nothing but NWOBHM influenced METAL HEAVY! URGH! Ft. Ex. Members of Skull Fist, Mortiferous, Midnight Malice and more!
Black Hole - Land Of Mystery
Legendary Italian Doom/Heavy Metal, killer reissue inclusive of 4 demo tracks from '86.
Eldritch Rite - Demo + 3
Cult US Heavy Metal, laying the landmark for what ended up becoming US Power Metal as we know it. Absolutely killer material!
Energy Vampires - S/T
Completely dreadful name, but these guys were formed outta the ashes of cult USA Metal band SLAUTER XSTROYES. Make sure you ignore the name though, as this is a prime piece of late 80's US HEAVY METAL!
Enforcer - Classic Chicago Metal
This is the 1984 Demo of the rather brilliant US Metal Band, includes 7 previously unreleased tracks for your 'banging pleasure! CD/DVD.
Immaculate - Atheist Crusade
Insane Swedish speed metal, with completely over the top high-pitched vocals. FFO of Agent Steel, Toxik, Steel Prophet.
Iron Man - Black Night
 One of the best US Classic Heavy Metal bands. If you like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Witchfinder General etc you NEED THIS! Re-mastered for extra METAL HEAVYNESS!
Iron Man - I Have Returned
Last Decendents - One Nation Under God
Cult Power/Thrash from the Bay Area, this is a reissue/remaster including 4 bonus tracks, World War III Demo from '86. Mekong Delta, Artillery, Toxik fans take note!
Midnight Priest - S/T
Classic Heavy Metal from Portugal, one of the best bands from that area!
Midnight Priest - Rainha Da Magia Negra
Metal, which is Heavy, from Portugal. Massive harmony fest!
Milita - Fiend of Misery
80's Progressive Thrash, a massive smashfest of Early Metallica and Early Fates Warning, with probably one of the best vocalists going, be prepared for balls to the walls screaming!wwwwwwwoooooooooAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!
Morbid Sin - Sins of Flesh
Classic USA Power Metal, Ft. Bobby Lucas from Overlorde and Seven Witches on Vocals. Originally recorded in '98 but only recently released!
Old Yron - S/T
Obscure Italian Heavy Metal played with ultimate speed! This needs to be heard! BUY IT OR DIE!
Revelation - Release
Crushing Maryland Doom Metal.
Ritual - Widow
Formed in the early '70s, Ritual didnt release this, the bands debut album, until 1983. A raging raw classic piece of early 70's heavy rock and early 80s NWOBHM. If you find yourself swinging in your room to bands like Angel Witch, Quartz, Diamond Head and Holocaust, you NEED THIS!
Rocka Rollas - The War of Steel Has Begun.
Teutonic old school speed/power metal. If you 'bang to bands like Scanner, Mania, early Helloween, Running Wild etc, you need this!
Sinister Realm - S/T
Debut album from Ex. Pale Divine man, John Gaffney. Outstanding Heavy/Doom Metal, its time to 'bang ya balls off!
Sinister Realm - The Crystal Eye
2nd album filled with heavy riffs and memorable melodies, as simple as that! FFO Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Dio Etc
Steel Horse - Wild Power
Traditional Heavy Metal from Spain, paying homage to the originators of the NWOBHM scene. Tygers of Pan Tang, Tokyo Blade, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon Etc. 
The Hand of Doom - Posionoise
Mad Germany Proto Metal/Punk/NWOBHM(influenced) from 1979. Absolutley crazy release, smashing down boundaries, FFO Discharge, Sarcofago, Motorhead, Early Priest, Accept, The Stooges etc.
Xinr - Beyond Woodward
For some crazy reason this has only just been released, but it was recorded back in '84. Excellent Classic Metal sound, with a heavy dose of NWOBHM influence chucked in for good measure. FFO Cirith Ungol, Hell, Mercyful Fate etc

Until 3 months time, when i bother to update this thing noone reads.