Thursday, 30 August 2012

Another massive timelapse since my previous update, ah well no one really cares that much do you? The Unholy Grave - Witching Newcastle 7" should be with me start of next week, ltd 250, im only trading on these for other Unholy Grave releases i dont have. No point in keep trading as i dont make enough sales to keep up a big list no one wants, haha. Ill accept wholesale too, just send me an email too: tombsinthevalley AT gmail DOT com.


Human Junk(UK)/God's America(USA) - GOD'S JUNK Split 7". Ltd 500, 100 Green Vinyl, 400 Black Vinyl and a bunch of Test Presses.
Both bands first slab of vinyl, Human Junk play total Hellnation worship, even Doug and Al Hellnation have approved of how much it sounds like Hellnation and how good it is! God's America used to be called Seeds of Rape, insanely heavy powerviolence out of Las Vegas, members of Cogs and Sprockets. £3.50 plus postage, ive nearly sold out of my copies, send over an email for wholesale/trades! Cheers. You can actually hear the whole thing streaming here.



Lifedecevier(POR) - The Split Tracks. Heavy Hardcore ala Integrity. Sold out from the label. Ltd 100 £3.

Local Trap(POR)/Knive's Out(POR) - Split Tape. LT play killer Hardcore punk in the vien of Black Flag, Negative Approach/KO play awesome fast hardcore! £3.

SMG(MAL)/Moon Ra(??) - Split Tape. "One track by SMG running for 11+ minutes, unreleased slow doom material, good DIY sound recording too. Moon Ra is Sun Ra-worship project went wrong. 15 minutes of original, harsh and cryptic transgalactic sounds of death." Ltd 130 copies. £3.50

Pizza Hi Five(USA) - Live at the Funeral Home. Brutal Grindcore from Ohio! YEEEEAA! £3.50


SixBrewBantha(CAN) - S/T. One of the best grindcore bands around at the minute. Ltd 50 Last Copy. Split release between Tombs in the Valley Productions and DIY NOISE. £2.50


Syvlester Staline(FRA) - $$ gonna sell drugs.... - Debut album by these over the top French fastcore pimps! Its a must! £5

Eibon(FRA)/Hangman's Chair(FRA) - Split - Heavy beasting from both bands! £5

Cave In(USA) - Tide of Tomorrow - That band who signed to that major label then left, this was before that and its a pretty good ep! £5

Joe Pesci(UK) - At our Expense - UK Hyperfast. £5.

Eliminator(UK) - We Rule the Night - Debut Ep from this UK Heavy Metal band, FFO Heavy Load, Gotham City, Thin Lizzy, Maiden Etc. £5

The Break In(UK) - Demo - Terrible XXX Hardcore. £1.

Small Doses - Compilation - Insane noise/grind/punk/hardcore etc with a really nice diecut package. £6.66

Collision(NL) - Roadkiller - 2nd album from Dutch Grindcore/Thrash bastards! £5

Terminal Sound System(??) - RH-85B - Some soundscapey thing, no clue. Promo copy. £2

Entrails Massacre(GER) - Crucial Strikes... - Sick German Powerviolence/Grindcore! Total punishment! £5

The Abandoned Hearts Club(USA) - The Initial Confessions... - Some tech metal/mathcore from ages ago, its actually good, before all this shit which has come out in the past few years. £3

SMG(MAL) - HOTRS Sessions - Malaysian Raw Grind Freaks, this is a brutal cd, with a rather funny inlay done by Randy SMG. Ltd 150. £7.

Looking for an Answer(SPA) - buscando una respuesta - One of the best grindcore bands around these days, just unrelenting and well written grindcore! £7


The Rites(USA) - Pissing on your Grave - One of the best and most insane hardcore bands i ever saw, ex tear it up just playing it fast! 1st press ltd 178 sold only on The Rites European Tour, unplayed. £7

Cease to Exist(UK) - Heptaparaparshinokh - Blackend Blackcore from London. £3

Back Then(GER) - Zeitverschwendung - Now defunct German Hardcore, nice release from Black Trash Records. Ltd 300. £3.50


CSMD(NL)/SSS(JP) - Split - NOISE VS NOISEGRIND!!!!!! £3.50

Message me if you want anything, everything is in small qualities!!!

Wholesale trades available one:

4 way split LP - Lycanthrophy(CZ)/From The Ashes(SWE)/After the Last Sky(UK)/Joe Pesc(UK)

Skulls and Flames(NL) 10" - Crossover thrash

Joe Pesci(UK)/Onanizer(CZ) - Split Cd

Filthpact(SCO)/Atomgevitter(SCO/GER) - Split Cd

Thats it for now, still FUCK OFF TO JERKOFF RECORDS!

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