Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Distro Items

Got a bunch of killer records/tapes in the post for the distro!

Soil of Ignorance/Wadge - Split 7". The rad dude over at Give Praise Records is streaming the full thing here. SOI play some intense brutal grindcore, backed up by the somewhat "legendary" Wadge with some drum machine grindcore! £3.50

Chainsaw to the Face/Backslider - Split 7". Streaming on youtube here. GRINDCORE/FASTCORE! Amazing! £3.50

Bloody Phoenix/Question - Split 7". BP will destroy your speakers with hyperfast grindcore aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ex. Excruciating Terror! First time hearing Question, kinda cool fastcore punk! GO! £3.50

Archagathus/Onanizer - Split 7". Canadian mincecore vs Raging CZ Grindcore!!!! £3.50

Revengeance - Demo CS - ltd 100. FAST FAST FAST FAST!!!!!! £3

Revengeance/Tinnitus - Split CS. FAST backed by Grindnoise! £3

Vai Te Foder - Full Length Cd - ltd 200. Havent had a chance to listen to this yet, but according to the all knowing facebook they are "Crust-Hardcore(80s).Metal". £5

While purchasing some nice records from us, bang your tits off to this:

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