Record Label/Distros

Fastdie Records - Malaysia Label/Distro.
Degradagem - Portuguese Label/Distro.
Black Trash Records - Austrian Label/Distro.
Coffee Grinder Records - Canadian Label/Distro.
Kaotoxin Records - French Label/Distro.
Halo Of Flies Records - USA Label/Distro.
Bones Brigade Records - French Label/Distro.
To Live A Lie Records - USA Label/Distro.
Incursion Records - USA Label/Distro.
D.I.Y. Noise - USA Label/Distro.


Diseksa - Raw Malaysian Grindcore.
Hatred Division - Raw Malaysian Grindcore.
Corrupt Humanity - Scottish Grindcore.
Manic Scum - USA Old School Grindcore.
Human Junk - UK 2 Piece Fastcore.
Grace - UK Heavy Hardcore.
Owl - USA Riffs.
Unholy Grave - Legendary Japanese Grindcore.
Set Aside For Genocide - USA Fastcore.
Hoy Pinoy - USA Fastcore.
Chiens - Hyperfast French Grindcore.
Suffering Mind - Polish Grindcore.
The Afternoon Gentlemen - UK Powerviolence Grindcore.
Nachzehrer - USA Black Metal.
Enth - Polish Funeral Doom.
Lich - UK Heavy Fast Slow.
Sordo - USA Noisecore Grind.

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