Monday, 20 February 2012

OWL - "Stone Loner" 7" Single. Out Now!

Next up, OWL from San Francisco Bay. I came across these guys when i picked up a demo from Tankcrimes Distro, i think, or maybe it was To Live a Lie. Anyways i picked it up as it had Clint from A.N.S. behind the kit, as a fan of these guys i thought id check out what else he was up to. What it ended up being was a 5 tracks demo crammed with some insane guitar riffage, backed up by a tight, but some what out of control rythm section. It is an absolute awesome mash up of 70's inspired rock and raging hardcore punk, i think the punk influence is where is starts to lose control, but it works so well. Just check out the incredible 12 minute Glaurung, you can hear the entire demo here , and its still available from the band here .

Anyways once i heard this, i instantly shot them a mail decrying my love for all things riff and asked if they wanted to work together. After a couple of emails back and forth we agreeded on doing a 7" ep, which turned into the "Stoner Loner Single". As of Feb 17th 2012, this is out for the world to gaze upon and have there ears destroyed in a Zeppellin-esque journey into the realm of galactic terror!

The 7" can be bought from the band here also!


LTD Green Vinyl

Ltd 500 copies, 100 green vinyl.
Wholesale/Trades message me at tombsinthevalleyATgmailDOTcom.

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