Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lets start this blog as we mean to go on!

This is the first peak at the artwork for our next release, for all you old school grindcore fans out there. If you are into bands like Repulsion, Terrorizer, Impetigo etc you need to check these guys out!

Manic Scum - Better Left Undead - Cassette EP - Front Cover

Manic Scum - Better Left Undead - Cassette EP - Back Cover

Incredible first ep by Kingsport, TN Grinders!! ETA on this release will hopefully be late March. Listen to the EP here: . Ltd to 100 Hand numbered copies, 25 with red shells, 75 with white shells.

Copies will be available from the following killer labels:
Fastdie Records - Malaysia
Degradagem - Portugal
Black Trash Records - Austria
Coffee Grinder Records - Canada
Kaotoxin Records - France
Halo of Flies - USA

I will try to update this a bit more frequent, with distro items, new bands im into, videos, whatever. Ill try and keep it completely uninteresting for everyone involved!

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