Sunday, 1 January 2017


Well its nearly 3 years until the day since this has been updated, nothing like being lazy eh?

First off I've finally taken the distro offline, last week, as I have no idea what I have and don't have anymore. It will be back up again, maybe in another 3 years?

I've been working on 2 new releases which will be released on 23/02/17 at Brofest (UK) - Preshow in Newcastle Upon Tyne ( These will be 2 cassette releases coinciding with 1 of the bands on the preshow, Midnight Force (SCOT) and 1 band touring the UK who are also playing the Saturday of Brofest(UK), High Spirits (USA). More info below on these.

Apart from that I'm also currently working on a LP with a Swedish fellow, announcement soon!!

Hopefully I will update this more often and maybe release some more cool records for you all not too buy.

2017 European Tour ONLY release. Limited 150 copies.

4 demo tracks taken from the bands fantastic 2016 album Motivator. An interesting ride along the thoughts of heavy metal greatness written by the master of perfection Professor Black. You can only buy this on HIGH SPIRITS European shows in 2017, it will NOT be available anywhere else until people throw it up on Discogs/Ebay.

High Spirits Motivatour Part 2

23/02/17 - london - the black heart
24/02/17 - dublin - on the rox (ire)
25/02/17 - newcastle - brofest(uk)
26/02/17 - edinburgh - bannermans bar
27/02/17 - manchester - venue tbc
28/02/17 - glasgow - venue tbc
01/03/17 - secret show
02/03/17 - southampton - the alexandra

Limited 100 copies. Red Shells.

Debut EP from Scotland's newest heavy metal hero's. If you like your whips and chains with just enough patch jacket to cover up your Pantera tattoos then this is for you. FFO Medieval Steel and all those other once forgotten now beloved USA Power Metal bands. Pre-orders up now here:

Posers buy at your own discretion. Special poser edition here: (Your money is just as good as true metal warriors)

The whole EP is up for streaming through the bands bandcamp here!

Until 2020.......

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